Sweater Weather whipped soap

Sweater Weather whipped soap

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Like the smell of your favorite sweater on a cool crisp winter morning this fragrance is everything cozy and fresh should be.  The perfect combination of cool mints, seasonal fruits, with hints of oakmoss and musk.


What is a whipped soap? Our whipped soaps start with a made from scratch gentle cleansing base (no premade soap bases here!). We then whip air into the base along with skin loving sweet almond oil, fragrance, and some color for a bit of fun.


What are whipped soaps for? Our whipped soaps can be used next to the sink as a hand soap, in the shower or bath as a body wash, or use a thin layer as the most luxurious shaving cream.


This listing is for one jar of whipped soap weighing approximately 4 oz. / 113 grams