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Harpers Ferry is a small tourist town in West Virginia known for both its gorgeous scenery and its involvement in the Civil War.

In 1751, Robert Harper saw the industrial potential that this small piece of land had. It was known colloquially as "The Hole" for how it sat between the mountains. He purchased the land and set up a ferry to move across the Potomac river, thus becoming "Harper's Ferry".


Famously in 1783, Thomas Jefferson visited the town and looked down at the Potomac from a rock now named Jefferson Rock. He called the view, "perhaps one of the most stupendous scenes in nature" and said it was worth a voyage across the Atlantic.


While the scenery has changed and technology has advanced, the view from Jefferson Rock is still breathtaking


Our shop is located on High Street, the main road that cuts through town. Though it looks a lot more commercial than residential today, a lot of the buildings in town would have been homes. Our shop is located in a building that would have been a home, dating back to the Civil War.

These two photos show what High Street, or Lower Town, looked like through history. Over the years, floods and fires and other disasters have wiped away some of the buildings.


There is a certain magic to Harpers Ferry. We hope that you can come visit us and see the town for yourself, or at least we want to thank you for supporting our business and helping us support our local community!

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