Our dog shampoo bars are a handheld and solid alternative to traditional liquid plastic shampoo bottles. We shaped our shampoo bars to be able to easily fit in the palm of your hand without having to worry about a slippery bottle while trying to keep your pup in the bathtub!


These shampoo bars are made using the cold process soap method, the same we use to make our artisan soap bars, and are made with a super gentle and cleansing formula that will get your dog clean without hurting their skin.


Lavender essential oil can help calm your dog, as well as sooth itchy skin, and help fend off those pesky fleas. 


CAUTION: our furry friends have different skincare needs than we do and do not need to be bathed very often. We do not recommend washing your pet more than once a month.


If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult with your veterinarian.


INGREDIENTS: olive oil, coconut oil, water, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) castor oil, lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil dog shampoo